1. Ultimate Retro Gaming System
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    Ultimate Retro Gaming System

    Stock Status: Only 9 Available!
    Price:   $ 149.99 $ 139.99
    Available Options:
    Memory Size:
    USB Powered Hub:
    USB Thumb Drive:
    USB WiFi N Adapter:
    Wireless Keyboard For Kodi Media:



Our Second Run Is Now Ready, Limited To 50 Units.

This is a limited edition console, it will sell out fast, so make sure to order now.


Say hello to your new best friend, bringing back the golden days of good fun family games, that actually focused on great gameplay. This ultra portable is great for the whole family, and can easily be transferred from room to room, or taken with you while on vacation, or even brought into your car which can be powered by a cigarette lighter adapter. 

System Specs: 

900 MHz Quad Core ARM Cortex-A7 Processor

1 Gig of Ram

4 USB ports  

Full HDMI port

Ethernet port

Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video

Micro SD card slot

VideoCore IV 3D graphics core

Base System Includes:

Translucent or Black Case

HDMI Cable

8 Gig System Memory

No Controllers ( Pre-Configured for up to 4 Wired Xbox One controllers )

2.5Amp Power Supply

90 Day Hardware Warranty

1 Year Software Upgrades Available via SD Card


Kodi Media Center (Formerly Known As XBMC)

Minecraft Pocket Edition


Duke Nukem


Please read the memory listing under upgrades to determine which systems will be included with your purchase.


Wifi Adapter: This will enable you to connect to your in-home network via WiFi, if you provide us your network name and password, we will attempt to pre-configure this for you if you provide us with your details, but you may have to edit some configuration files with a usb keyboard plugged into your system if it does not work out of the box, which we will help you along the way.

When hooked up to the internet, either from a wired or wireless stance, this will enable you to network to the system and transfer games to it, or delete games as you wish.

Memory: The system comes with a 8 Gigabyte card, which will include Atari Systems, NES, SNES, Gameboy & Gameboy Color, Sega Master & Genesis. If you wish to add Gameboy Advance & Nintendo 64 it will require a 16 Gigabyte memory. For all other systems, it will require 32 Gigabyte or larger memory options. Basically, the bigger the card you order, the more games it will come preloaded with. 

USB Thumb Drive: This will come pre-configured for your computer, so you can plug it in, copy your games that you wish to add to the system to the corresponding folder, when you plug it into your system, it will automatically copy the new games to your system.

Wireless Keyboard: This is required if you plan on using your system for Kodi Media Center, but will also work with any keyboard you might already own.

USB Powered Hub For Extra Controllers: Required if you plan to use more then 2 controllers.

Controller Options:

We recommend using wired Xbox controllers, as they have enough buttons to work with every system.

If you need a wireless solution, we offer the Xbox 360 controller, along with a wireless receiver. 

We also offer a Playstation similar controller for you guys that are fans of that style of controller.


System's Included: 

Atari 2600 ( 529 Games, 3.5MB Required )

Atari 5200 ( 112 Games, 2MB Required )

Atari 800/7800 ( 89 Games, 8MB Required )

Atari Lynx ( 97 Games, 22MB Required )

Nintendo Gameboy (500+ Games, 100MB Required )

Nintendo Gameboy Color (450+ Games, 610MB Required )

Nintendo Gameboy Advanced ( 750+ Games, 7GB Required )

Nintendo Entertainment System (640+ Games, 140MB Required)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (740+ Games, 1.10GB Required)

Nintendo 64 (300+ Games, 5GB Required, Some Games May Not Run At Full Speed)

Sega Game Gear (220+ Games, 80MB Required)

Sega Master System (320+ Games, 56MB Required)

Sega Genesis (700+ Games, 1GB Required)

Sega Genesis 32X (55+ Games, 110MB Required)

Neo-Geo (370+ Games, 3GB Required)

Turbografx 16 (100+ Games, 45MB Required)

Sony Playstation (Each game averages around 700MB, Some Games May Not Run At Full Speed)

Currently Not Supported, But In The Near Future Via Upgrade

Virtual Boy ( 30+ Games, 35MB Required) 

Sega Dreamcast (Average Game Around 700MB)

Sega Saturn (Average Game Around 400MB)

Sony Playstation Portable (Average Game Around 1GB)